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Anthracite fired electric oven
A heat source directly to food direct combustion type electric barbecue grill, barbecue food grease immediately drop, not oily repeated infiltration, that is, there is no oil frying, deep frying process furnace.

No smoke barbecue should include two levels:

First, barbecue without chemical combustion emissions: the use of all fuel as heat source of barbecue, such as charcoal, even after the full combustion of red carbon, white carbon barbecue, another example of liquefied petroleum gas, gas barbecue, even if is burning and full of barbecue utensils, regardless of what we do not see black smoke, chemical emissions still exist, emissions of substances already contaminated food, pollution of the environment. In all of the heat source of the barbecue, electricity is the most clean heat source, electricity as a heat source has no chemical emissions.

There is no smoke caused the second, barbecue: fume first came to barbecue oil drop in high temperature heat source body, such as oil drop on the charcoal fire, dropping in the electric heating tube immediately of fume; secondly, fume in foods are fried, fried food oily will degenerate and also will produce smoke, food contamination, pollution of the environment.

The brazier grill, such as street practical charcoal selling barbecue mutton string, the existing combustion emissions and emissions of soot, so the most harmful, liquefied gas barbecue oven, although known as smokeless, regardless of what we do not see black smoke, chemical emissions still exist, discharge of chemical substances still contaminate food.